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Here are the five stages your website project will go through

The Brief

If you have a clear idea of what you want already from your new site that’s great! But more often than not, you have a number of goals you want to achieve with a new site, but don’t necessarily have all the details flushed out. That’s fine as well. Whatever level of information you have, we will build on to create a brief. In a nutshell, the brief is document we put together which details why you need a new website and the goals you are trying to achieve. It will also include enough information for us to make a start on the new site by putting together a sitemap.

The Sitemap

Once we have a brief to work from, we build a visual sitemap. They say a picture says a 1,000 words and this is true of a sitemap. The sitemap will help us communicate the best way we think your site should hang together. It should also help you see we’ve covered all the areas you were expecting on the new site. From the sitemap, we can make a start on building a working prototype we can show you before we get to the actual design. This helps to make we’ve cover everything discussed so far in the process.

The Prototype

Some providers will, at this point, start on the website design. However we know from experience that as much planning you do on The Brief and The Sitemap, you invariably forget something (or indeed we do!). Therefore we provide a working prototype you can view in the browser, which will show how the solution we have in mind will work for your goals. It should be noted that the prototype won’t look pretty at this point, but it’s not supposed to! At this stage we are making sure we really do understand what it is you are asking us to help you with; that we’ve covered all your requirements and fully understood your goals with the new site.

The Design

Once everybody is happy that the prototype is indeed the solution you are looking for, we then start to think about the site design. This is the usual part of the process where we go away and start applying your brand to the prototype as well as adding any other bells and whistles we’ve discussed around the look and feel of your new site.

The Delivery

The final part is of course the most important part of the process. We’ll disappears for a few weeks (or months depending on how complex the project is) at this point while we build your new solution, and get it ready for deploying to a testing server. You’ll be able to get access to the test site as soon as it’s ready, and we are happy it’s ready for the world to see. Once it is, we’ll give you access to the test site and you can start seeing it up and running for yourself. Once you are happy it’s ready, we then arrange moving the site to a live hosting environment.

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